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This is the page for contacting to [JapanCROPs] site executive office team.

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  • We at JapanCROPs recognize the importance of personal information provided by users like you, therefore we will handle it with due caution and control it strictly.
  • Our replies by e-mail are sent to you personally. You are kindly requested not to reproduce or secondary use them in part or in whole without permission.
  • The domain name that is used in our e-mail replies is either [] or []. If needed, please do the necessary (e.g. releasing the setup for [receiption rejecting for those domains]) so that you receive our reply properly.
  • Please understand that due to the limited team resource or depending on the subject of your inquiry, it may take us some time to respond. Also, please understand since our site is the one providing the service free basically, we cannot handle personal request . In that case, or the message includes inappropriate expression, one sided opinion/argument, threatening one, and unrelated to our site/business, or the bihavior of obstructing our business is found, we may not able to respond to you.
  • Regarding inquery of statistic data, please confirm the detail with [e-Stat]( or MEXT (
  • Due to incorrect e-mail address, system failures or other reasons, we may not be able to reach you. If you have not received a reply after several weeks, we kindly ask you to contact us again.
  • Regarding the application for farmer registration to our site, Japanese language skill (reading/writing) is mandatory as a precondition due to the limitation of system compatibility and site operational perspective. And only the applicants who meet our requirement and agree to our rule can become our member and register as farmer in our site. This is for maintaining our site properly and protecting other registrant farmers. Those requirement and rule are common among all applicants and described in sign-up screen/site terms (Japanese language only). Remark: Currently new registration is not accepted due to system trouble.

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