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About this page for [Fujiminori budou]

This [Fujiminori budou] page consists of 2 kind information below.

  1. Posted information about [Fujiminori budou], provided by the registered farmers in [Japan CROPs]
  2. General information about [Fujiminori budou], provided by [Japan CROPs] executive office

With regards to the posted information registered by farmers, please contact farmers if you have questions. With regards to the general information registered by [JapanCROPs] executive office, please see the explanation "About the general information..." below.

About the posted information regarding [Fujiminori budou], provided by the registered farmers

As of October 23 2021, the number of the registered farmers (agricultural workers) who produces [Fujiminori budou] is 0, the registered products (crops) related to [Fujiminori budou] is 0, and the registered articles related to [Fujiminori budou] is 0. (Those figures might contain the number of sample posts. Please be aware of it.)

About the general information regarding [Fujiminori budou], provided by [Japan CROPs] executive office

The general information about [Fujiminori budou], provided by [JapanCROPs] executive office consists of 2 kind information. The information published by outside organization such as Japanese goverment statistics bureau, and the information provided from executive office's view or research. If the information source is not listed at the article in the page, the article or the information are the information from [JapanCROPs] executive office's view point or our research.

Executive office will continue to add the information on [Fujiminori budou] in order to get oversea and domestic people's attention about Japanese crop, farmer, agriculture etc..

If you have opinion/question, or you find mistakes/errors, please free to contact us through contact form in [JapanCROPs].

To the farmers who produce and sell [Fujiminori budou] in Japan

[JapanCROPs] executive office is looking for the farmers who produces and sells [Fujiminori budou] in Japan. In this site, you can freely submit various information such as your products, your own information, and others that is related to the sales promotion of your crop [Fujiminori budou], to oversea and domestic people who is interested in Japanese crops .

If you have the environment where you use internet, you can use [JapanCROPs] free after completing the registration and our verification. You can browse and manipulate [JapanCROPs] by PC, smartphone and tablet terminal.

You can submit the information to oversea people and customers through [JapanCROPs] easily.

If you are intered in submitting your crop information, please register the information through this link.

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