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This page is providing the information on the municipality yield/acreage of Ume in ranking manner for 2004,. You can check district of Ume in Japanese municipality level.
Municipality [Ume] district - production ranking Top 100
You can check not only nationwide ranking but also each prefecture ranking for Ume, by clicking on [select prefecture] button.

Municipality [Ume] district - production ranking Top 100

Nationwide ranking

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# Municipalities
Yield Amount Yield Amount
nationwide ranking
Crop Acreage Crop Acreage
nationwide ranking
Shipping Amount Shipping Amount
nationwide ranking
4 haruna-machi(Gunma-ken) 3,330(t) 4rank 366(ha) 3rank 3,130(t) 4rank
5 misato-machi(Gunma-ken) 2,450(t) 5rank 296(ha) 4rank 2,280(t) 5rank
7 hikigawa-cho(Wakayama-ken) 1,940(t) 7rank 136(ha) 12rank 1,880(t) 7rank
8 nishiyoshino-mura(Nara-ken) 1,890(t) 8rank 202(ha) 8rank 1,840(t) 8rank
13 nagawa-machi(Aomori-ken) 832(t) 13rank 108(ha) 14rank 700(t) 15rank
16 kokawa-cho(Wakayama-ken) 746(t) 16rank 77(ha) 24rank 696(t) 16rank
17 naga-cho(Wakayama-ken) 725(t) 17rank 75(ha) 25rank 669(t) 17rank
19 tachibana-machi(Fukuoka-ken) 686(t) 19rank 100(ha) 17rank 615(t) 19rank
21 kawabe-cho(Wakayama-ken) 648(t) 21rank 78(ha) 23rank 602(t) 20rank
24 ryuujinn-mura(Wakayama-ken) 551(t) 24rank 60(ha) 28rank 510(t) 24rank
28 nakahechi-cho(Wakayama-ken) 398(t) 28rank 33(ha) 65rank 385(t) 26rank
30 ootou-mura(Wakayama-ken) 388(t) 30rank 30(ha) 76rank 374(t) 28rank
31 nokami-cho(Wakayama-ken) 367(t) 31rank 34(ha) 63rank 333(t) 29rank
32 miyama-mura(Wakayama-ken) 306(t) 32rank 38(ha) 58rank 285(t) 32rank
36 shinnshuushinn-machi(Nagano-ken) 280(t) 36rank 56(ha) 34rank 241(t) 37rank
37 kanaya-cho(Wakayama-ken) 268(t) 37rank 41(ha) 53rank 249(t) 36rank
39 matsuida-machi(Gunma-ken) 253(t) 39rank 42(ha) 52rank 234(t) 38rank
40 toyotsu-machi(Fukuoka-ken) 253(t) 39rank 57(ha) 31rank 228(t) 40rank
42 misato-machi(Wakayama-ken) 238(t) 42rank 23(ha) 111rank 216(t) 43rank
54 nakatsu-mura(Wakayama-ken) 215(t) 54rank 26(ha) 93rank 200(t) 49rank
58 iwama-machi(Ibaraki-ken) 199(t) 58rank 47(ha) 44rank 136(t) 64rank
59 momoyama-cho(Wakayama-ken) 192(t) 59rank 28(ha) 85rank 171(t) 56rank
65 akagi-mura(Gunma-ken) 171(t) 65rank 27(ha) 88rank 153(t) 61rank
68 kumamoto-shi(prev)(Kumamoto-ken) 159(t) 69rank 30(ha) 76rank 130(t) 72rank
70 ennzann-shi(Yamanashi-ken) 150(t) 71rank 29(ha) 82rank 135(t) 67rank
72 shimotsu-cho(Wakayama-ken) 148(t) 72rank 17(ha) 167rank 132(t) 70rank
74 gunnma-machi(Gunma-ken) 145(t) 74rank 29(ha) 82rank 132(t) 70rank
76 niigata-shi(prev)(Niigata-ken) 144(t) 76rank 28(ha) 85rank 115(t) 78rank
84 karasuyama-machi(Tochigi-ken) 125(t) 85rank 31(ha) 71rank 53(t) 134rank
87 fukuchi-mura(Aomori-ken) 117(t) 88rank 16(ha) 178rank 90(t) 90rank
89 iwadeyama-machi(Miyagi-ken) 115(t) 90rank 16(ha) 178rank 97(t) 85rank
92 ichiba-cho(Tokushima-ken) 109(t) 93rank 18(ha) 156rank 100(t) 82rank
94 uchita-cho(Wakayama-ken) 107(t) 95rank 18(ha) 156rank 99(t) 83rank
97 nakamichi-machi(Yamanashi-ken) 104(t) 98rank 22(ha) 117rank 89(t) 91rank
98 nanngou-mura(Miyazaki-ken) 102(t) 99rank 10(ha) 294rank 95(t) 87rank
100 kurogi-machi(Fukuoka-ken) 99(t) 101rank 18(ha) 156rank 77(t) 97rank
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