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This page is providing the information on the municipality yield/acreage of Broad bean in ranking manner for 2004,. You can check district of Broad bean in Japanese municipality level.
Municipality [Broad bean] district - production ranking Top 100
You can check not only nationwide ranking but also each prefecture ranking for Broad bean, by clicking on [select prefecture] button.

Municipality [Broad bean] district - production ranking Top 100

Nationwide ranking

*The rows below for unicipalities are the lnk to jump to the district page of the corresponding municipality.

# Municipalities
Yield Amount Yield Amount
nationwide ranking
Crop Acreage Crop Acreage
nationwide ranking
Shipping Amount Shipping Amount
nationwide ranking
2 yamakawa-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 1,190(t) 2rank 79(ha) 3rank 1,100(t) 2rank
3 kaimonn-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 778(t) 3rank 55(ha) 5rank 716(t) 3rank
4 niigata-shi(prev)(Niigata-ken) 614(t) 4rank 59(ha) 4rank 478(t) 4rank
5 takaono-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 483(t) 5rank 46(ha) 6rank 470(t) 5rank
7 narutou-machi(Chiba-ken) 280(t) 7rank 40(ha) 8rank 257(t) 7rank
9 tamatsukuri-machi(Ibaraki-ken) 252(t) 9rank 21(ha) 15rank 209(t) 11rank
11 taiyou-mura(Ibaraki-ken) 240(t) 11rank 20(ha) 17rank 219(t) 10rank
15 hasunuma-mura(Chiba-ken) 161(t) 15rank 23(ha) 13rank 148(t) 14rank
17 matsuo-machi(Chiba-ken) 147(t) 17rank 21(ha) 15rank 135(t) 15rank
19 agatsuma-machi(Nagasaki-ken) 135(t) 19rank 8(ha) 56rank 107(t) 24rank
23 shirahama-machi(Chiba-ken) 120(t) 23rank 12(ha) 31rank 85(t) 30rank
25 yokoshiba-machi(Chiba-ken) 119(t) 24rank 17(ha) 21rank 109(t) 22rank
27 bounotsu-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 117(t) 26rank 7(ha) 61rank 115(t) 19rank
29 yasato-machi(Ibaraki-ken) 114(t) 29rank 12(ha) 31rank 105(t) 25rank
33 asou-machi(Ibaraki-ken) 104(t) 34rank 9(ha) 47rank 96(t) 29rank
37 tazawako-machi(Akita-ken) 95(t) 38rank 9(ha) 47rank 74(t) 35rank
39 noda-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 88(t) 40rank 11(ha) 35rank 85(t) 30rank
45 ei-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 73(t) 46rank 5(ha) 89rank 67(t) 39rank
52 maki-machi(Niigata-ken) 66(t) 51rank 9(ha) 47rank 49(t) 46rank
56 sannbu-machi(Chiba-ken) 63(t) 57rank 10(ha) 43rank 58(t) 41rank
61 ogawa-machi(Ibaraki-ken) 55(t) 62rank 4(ha) 121rank 50(t) 43rank
63 fukuchi-mura(Aomori-ken) 51(t) 64rank 4(ha) 121rank 45(t) 52rank
66 shiwahime-cho(Miyagi-ken) 49(t) 67rank 7(ha) 61rank 44(t) 56rank
70 maruyama-machi(Chiba-ken) 48(t) 70rank 4(ha) 121rank 36(t) 78rank
72 youkaichiba-shi(Chiba-ken) 47(t) 72rank 6(ha) 71rank 38(t) 68rank
73 unakami-machi(Chiba-ken) 46(t) 74rank 6(ha) 71rank 32(t) 84rank
74 kushikino-shi(Kagoshima-ken) 46(t) 74rank 4(ha) 121rank 38(t) 68rank
79 fukiage-machi(Kagoshima-ken) 45(t) 76rank 3(ha) 166rank 40(t) 62rank
81 hiraka-machi(Akita-ken) 44(t) 82rank 4(ha) 121rank 42(t) 58rank
87 odaka-machi(Fukushima-ken) 43(t) 86rank 5(ha) 89rank 39(t) 67rank
91 kogota-cho(Miyagi-ken) 40(t) 92rank 4(ha) 121rank 35(t) 79rank
92 kakunodate-machi(Akita-ken) 40(t) 92rank 4(ha) 121rank 32(t) 84rank
94 obama-cho(Nagasaki-ken) 40(t) 92rank 3(ha) 166rank 28(t) 99rank
96 miyoshi-mura(Chiba-ken) 39(t) 97rank 4(ha) 121rank 27(t) 103rank
97 mikuni-cho(Fukui-ken) 39(t) 97rank 5(ha) 89rank 37(t) 72rank
99 furukawa-shi(Miyagi-ken) 38(t) 100rank 3(ha) 166rank 33(t) 83rank
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