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This page is providing the information on the municipality yield/acreage of Ginger in ranking manner for 2004,. You can check district of Ginger in Japanese municipality level.
Municipality [Ginger] district - production ranking Top 100
You can check not only nationwide ranking but also each prefecture ranking for Ginger, by clicking on [select prefecture] button.

Municipality [Ginger] district - production ranking Top 100

Nationwide ranking

*The rows below for unicipalities are the lnk to jump to the district page of the corresponding municipality.

# Municipalities
Yield Amount Yield Amount
nationwide ranking
Crop Acreage Crop Acreage
nationwide ranking
Shipping Amount Shipping Amount
nationwide ranking
3 kubokawa-cho(Kochi-ken) 2,450(t) 3rank 102(ha) 2rank 1,960(t) 3rank
6 touyou-mura(Kumamoto-ken) 1,660(t) 6rank 66(ha) 6rank 1,380(t) 5rank
8 sadowara-cho(Miyazaki-ken) 887(t) 8rank 18(ha) 16rank 825(t) 6rank
9 shizuoka-shi(prev)(Shizuoka-ken) 860(t) 9rank 14(ha) 24rank 813(t) 7rank
12 haruno-cho(Kochi-ken) 758(t) 12rank 24(ha) 10rank 599(t) 9rank
13 tosayamada-cho(Kochi-ken) 667(t) 13rank 23(ha) 13rank 467(t) 12rank
18 kagami-cho(Kochi-ken) 450(t) 18rank 15(ha) 23rank 315(t) 17rank
19 oonomi-son(Kochi-ken) 377(t) 19rank 13(ha) 26rank 293(t) 19rank
20 nakamura-shi(Kochi-ken) 317(t) 20rank 7(ha) 41rank 300(t) 18rank
21 yasu-cho(Kochi-ken) 290(t) 21rank 10(ha) 30rank 203(t) 23rank
22 kahoku-cho(Kochi-ken) 290(t) 21rank 10(ha) 30rank 203(t) 23rank
26 hayato-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 270(t) 25rank 6(ha) 51rank 255(t) 20rank
36 nishigoushi-machi(Kumamoto-ken) 191(t) 36rank 3(ha) 95rank 185(t) 28rank
38 sakamoto-mura(Kumamoto-ken) 186(t) 38rank 7(ha) 41rank 78(t) 52rank
40 noichi-cho(Kochi-ken) 174(t) 40rank 6(ha) 51rank 122(t) 39rank
41 sannbu-machi(Chiba-ken) 167(t) 41rank 17(ha) 20rank 138(t) 36rank
45 oogata-cho(Kochi-ken) 139(t) 45rank 3(ha) 95rank 134(t) 37rank
52 yamada-machi(Miyazaki-ken) 98(t) 52rank 4(ha) 70rank 88(t) 48rank
53 fukiage-machi(Kagoshima-ken) 98(t) 52rank 5(ha) 57rank 96(t) 45rank
54 saori-cho(Aichi-ken) 96(t) 54rank 3(ha) 95rank 95(t) 47rank
60 kushira-cho(Kagoshima-ken) 90(t) 59rank 3(ha) 95rank 77(t) 53rank
62 ariake-cho(Nagasaki-ken) 88(t) 61rank 4(ha) 70rank 60(t) 61rank
74 nojiri-cho(Miyazaki-ken) 69(t) 74rank 4(ha) 70rank 55(t) 64rank
75 miyoshi-mura(Chiba-ken) 65(t) 75rank 5(ha) 57rank 42(t) 81rank
80 taiei-machi(Chiba-ken) 61(t) 80rank 5(ha) 57rank 49(t) 75rank
81 hamamatsu-shi(prev)(Shizuoka-ken) 60(t) 81rank 3(ha) 95rank 45(t) 76rank
86 chikura-machi(Chiba-ken) 56(t) 85rank 4(ha) 70rank 38(t) 87rank
87 hachikai-mura(Aichi-ken) 56(t) 85rank 2(ha) 127rank 53(t) 67rank
91 miyahara-machi(Kumamoto-ken) 52(t) 91rank 2(ha) 127rank 19(t) 125rank
92 yamada-machi(Chiba-ken) 50(t) 92rank 4(ha) 70rank 40(t) 83rank
93 kumamoto-shi(prev)(Kumamoto-ken) 50(t) 92rank 1(ha) 189rank 35(t) 91rank
95 omigawa-machi(Chiba-ken) 49(t) 95rank 4(ha) 70rank 39(t) 85rank
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