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This page is providing the information on the municipality yield/acreage of Onion in ranking manner for 2004,. You can check district of Onion in Japanese municipality level.
Municipality [Onion] district - production ranking Top 100
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Municipality [Onion] district - production ranking Top 100

Nationwide ranking

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# Municipalities
Yield Amount Yield Amount
nationwide ranking
Crop Acreage Crop Acreage
nationwide ranking
Shipping Amount Shipping Amount
nationwide ranking
6 tannno-cho(Hokkaido) 51,200(t) 6rank 900(ha) 7rank 50,400(t) 6rank
9 kamiyuubetsu-cho(Hokkaido) 30,000(t) 9rank 486(ha) 10rank 29,100(t) 9rank
10 rubeshibe-cho(Hokkaido) 28,400(t) 10rank 460(ha) 11rank 28,000(t) 10rank
12 tokoro-cho(Hokkaido) 21,300(t) 12rank 322(ha) 13rank 20,300(t) 12rank
20 hamamatsu-shi(prev)(Shizuoka-ken) 8,470(t) 20rank 192(ha) 17rank 7,770(t) 21rank
23 memannbetsu-cho(Hokkaido) 7,360(t) 23rank 136(ha) 22rank 7,220(t) 22rank
25 oonohara-cho(Kagawa-ken) 5,950(t) 25rank 107(ha) 27rank 5,380(t) 25rank
27 kurisawa-cho(Hokkaido) 5,390(t) 27rank 106(ha) 28rank 4,630(t) 30rank
33 ninomiya-machi(Tochigi-ken) 4,500(t) 33rank 75(ha) 37rank 3,820(t) 33rank
35 minamikawachi-machi(Tochigi-ken) 3,770(t) 35rank 58(ha) 43rank 3,190(t) 38rank
44 kumamoto-shi(prev)(Kumamoto-ken) 3,010(t) 44rank 66(ha) 40rank 2,420(t) 49rank
45 higashimokoto-mura(Hokkaido) 2,930(t) 45rank 54(ha) 49rank 2,780(t) 43rank
47 uchita-cho(Wakayama-ken) 2,880(t) 47rank 60(ha) 42rank 2,580(t) 46rank
54 kita-mura(Hokkaido) 2,420(t) 54rank 48(ha) 56rank 2,250(t) 52rank
55 goshiki-cho(Hyogo-ken) 2,390(t) 55rank 46(ha) 58rank 2,100(t) 56rank
61 hikawa-cho(Shimane-ken) 2,000(t) 61rank 40(ha) 66rank 1,940(t) 59rank
64 agatsuma-machi(Nagasaki-ken) 1,930(t) 64rank 42(ha) 63rank 1,740(t) 64rank
65 niigata-shi(prev)(Niigata-ken) 1,920(t) 65rank 89(ha) 31rank 1,020(t) 90rank
67 fuurenn-cho(Hokkaido) 1,840(t) 67rank 33(ha) 82rank 1,690(t) 66rank
68 ichinomiya-machi(Tsuna-gun)(Hyogo-ken) 1,810(t) 68rank 36(ha) 75rank 1,610(t) 69rank
70 kawasoe-machi(Saga-ken) 1,750(t) 70rank 34(ha) 81rank 1,630(t) 67rank
72 kadusa-machi(Nagasaki-ken) 1,720(t) 72rank 35(ha) 77rank 1,540(t) 72rank
73 takase-cho(Kagawa-ken) 1,700(t) 73rank 30(ha) 86rank 1,580(t) 70rank
81 kubota-cho(Saga-ken) 1,480(t) 80rank 30(ha) 86rank 1,390(t) 76rank
86 minamiarima-cho(Nagasaki-ken) 1,300(t) 85rank 27(ha) 92rank 1,170(t) 81rank
88 okayama-shi(prev)(Okayama-ken) 1,260(t) 88rank 36(ha) 75rank 772(t) 110rank
89 hokudann-cho(Hyogo-ken) 1,250(t) 89rank 26(ha) 96rank 1,020(t) 90rank
90 toyohama-cho(Kagawa-ken) 1,250(t) 89rank 23(ha) 104rank 1,140(t) 83rank
92 kokawa-cho(Wakayama-ken) 1,220(t) 91rank 26(ha) 96rank 1,090(t) 86rank
98 higashiyoka-cho(Saga-ken) 1,100(t) 97rank 21(ha) 114rank 1,030(t) 89rank
100 kodama-machi(Saitama-ken) 1,040(t) 100rank 20(ha) 120rank 880(t) 99rank
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